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Gardening can be such a therapeutic and calming hobby... I was delighted to find a huge blank canvas in our balcony! It's been a work in progress for two springs now, but this year, I have added a water feature, which will soon have a small fish! I try to recycle and upcycle as much as possible for any art and gardening projects... but Dollar Tree is always my to-go for adhesives, tape, ribbon, etc. and of course Hobby Lobby or Amazon when it gets serious. This water feature uses a Rubbermaid tub (recycled), Dollar Tree plastic bowl & platter, an old broken stone table fountain, recycled candle holders, dumpster large urn/vase, and a pump/fountain from Amazon, $9.99 (the only item purchased, only because my old pump broke building this). Balancing act with the pieces to make levels, add water, turn on pump and ta-da! The pump is also enclosed in a small plastic basket with mesh surrounding it, because I didn't have a filter setup available yet. All together, I spent around $10 on this project.

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